Some girls dream of marrying a doctor; some just wanna have fun. My idea of fun has been learning how to weld and this past weekend that dream came true!

The project at hand was making a shooting target stand with targets that swing around to the other side when shot. There was quite a bit of “fab” aka fabrication to do. A pile of scrap metal was carefully cut down (this was the hardest part in my opinion) and then grinded down (pretty fun) in preparation for the welding.

The part that pivots in the pipe was made out of a metal rod with a 90 degree bend in it. In order to achieve the bend, the pipe was heated up and then wrenched downward using a “cheater pipe.”

The rust on the metal was sanded off for a better circuit connection. We used a mig (metal inert gas) welder.

Next comes the fun part. First I observed with an extremely protective mask and then I was trusted enough to give it a whirl on my own. Putting the welding sleeves on felt pretty official albeit extremely ill-fitting. After navigating the awkward grip and trying to actually see what I was doing it started to feel semi-natural.

Here are my first few attempts:

They passed inspection! I could tell a big difference once I got comfortable with the angle of the welding wand (probably not the technical term) and how to arc it back and forth in a scalloped zig-zag pattern. Now there’s no telling what else I can make…


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MITCH Collective is a community-driven catalyst promoting creativity in the Ohio Valley. MITCH Collective enriches Martins Ferry, Ohio and nearby towns by: -inviting artists, writers, and musicians to experience the beauty and creative potential of the area while creating new work and interacting with local residents through the residency program. -inspiring a historically economically depressed area by teaching new skills and ideas that will help foster new problem solving approaches for challenges that face the community. -collaborating with nonprofit and municipal organizations in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania to bring innovative, interdisciplinary projects to life. Facilities include printmaking, screen printing, sewing, quilting, and bookbinding. Visit www.mitchcollective.org for more information.
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